Clear Aligners – Teeth Treatment for Adults

Would you like to have your teeth straightened but rather not have fixed braces? Our Clear Aligners are your solution!

  • Discreet treatment: no fixed braces
  • Short treatment duration
  • Save up to 30%

Clear Aligner for straight teeth

Many people desire a perfect smile and straight teeth in adulthood, but no longer want to wear fixed braces. DrSmile offers the possibility to discreetly correct misaligned teeth by wearing a clear aligner. It is very important that the aligners are perfectly adapted to your teeth so that your teeth can be adjusted with millimetre precision. 

What is an aligner?

Aligners (or clear aligners) are extremely thin, transparent plastic aligners that are able to shift and correct misaligned teeth. The aligners can work wonders and give you a completely new smile. Aligners are a good alternative to fixed braces because they can be removed at any time and are almost invisible due to the transparent material. Aligners are more aesthetic and more pleasant to wear for malocclusion treatment, especially for adults who value beautiful teeth but do not want to wear visible braces due to their profession. 

The treatment procedure

The treatment procedure at DrSmile is as follow. First, a free 3D scan of your teeth is performed. Based on the scan, the dentist can precisely identify your misalignments and inform you whether and which treatment options are available. During the consultation, a treatment plan is also drawn up, which includes a before-and-after simulation of your teeth, this will then be sent to you. The process is non-binding until this point.

How your aligner works 

Once you decide on DrSmile aligner treatment, the aligner will be made and sent to you. Based on your 3D scan, a aligner is produced that is individually adapted to your teeth.

The clear aligner is able to shift your teeth painlessly and gently into their intended positions.

A new aligner is made every fortnight, based on your treatment plan and your newly aligned teeth. 

The DrSmile aligners are made of dimensionally stable thermoplastic material that is approved for medical use. The aligners are free of plasticisers and other harmful substances.

How long will an aligner treatment take? 

The duration of an aligner treatment depends on the initial condition of your teeth. Minor misalignments can be corrected within a few months if the clear aligner is worn consistently. It is important that the aligner is worn 22 hours a day and not only at night. In the case of a complex misalignment, significantly more aligners are needed to shift the teeth into the desired position, which is why a treatment can potentially take longer than 1-2 years. Your DrSmile consultant will discuss your individual wearing time with you before you begin.

Keine versteckten Kosten


Faire Preise für jede Komplexität, ohne versteckte Kosten. Partner-Zahnärzt*innen ordnen Deine Komplexitätsstufe anhand Deines 3D-Scans ein.

¹ Bei einem Zahlungszeitraum von z.B. 72 Monaten und einem zugrundeliegenden Barzahlungspreis von 1.790 € (je nach Komplexität ggfs. auch höher) ergibt sich bei einem effekt. Jahreszins von z.B. 10.32%(und einem Sollzinssatz von 9,90%) ein Gesamtpreis von [2.381,12 €] inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt., einschließlich einer monatlichen Rate von 33,07 €. Die Beträge sind kaufmännisch gerundet.


Cost of the clear aligner

The costs of the aligner depend on the complexity of the treatment. They range from £1,390 to a maximum of £2,090. The following cost examples illustrate the price system: 

In the case of a minor misalignment, the one-off payment price is £1,390 or £116 per month (in a payment period of 12 months offered by our external payment provider) In the case of a moderate misalignment, the total price is £1,790 or £149 per month.

Will my health insurance cover the costs? 

If you have health insurance, unfortunately, you have to bear the costs of an aligner treatment. The reason for this is that teeth correction is not included in the catalogue of service of the health insurance. If, on the other hand, you are privately insured, it is possible that your health insurance company will cover the costs. Before the treatment, speak to your insurance provider to clarify whether an aligner treatment is covered by your health insurance.

X-ray – Teeth Straightening

One thing is clear: trust the expert

Treatment with expertise 

We have been treating our customers with our reliable and tested aligners for several years. Over 40,000 happy customers trust our expertise in aligner treatment every year. 

We value expertise at DrSmile

When it comes to choosing dental specialists, DrSmile relies on their years of proven expertise. 

Treatment with satisfaction guarantee 

We know the amazing potential of our treatment method. That's why we offer you the DrSmile satisfaction guarantee to ensure you receive the result as shown in the treatment plan.

DrSmile: A team of various specialist disciplines

We are particularly proud of the expertise and day-to-day support of experienced dentists, orthodontists and dental technicians. DrSmile does not employ its own dentists and does not maintain its own practices, but cooperates with partner dentists. The entire DrSmile expert team ensures that our customers receive comprehensive professional care during their aligner treatment. Our modern technologies were developed in Germany and meet the highest standards. All materials used for our clear aligners meet the highest medical standards.

Success Stories

Before/After Results: Teeth straightening with invisible aligners


What our customers say

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Verified reviewer


The whole team is super friendly. The treatment is being explained thoroughly and well. The medical equipment seems to be up to date, which makes the treatment much more comfortable (no impressions neccessary👍)

eKomi user on 29.04.2019 at 11:22

Verified reviewer


I am very satisfied I can only recommend

eKomi users on 29.10.2019 at 13:48

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Generally a very good atmosphere and nobody tries to talk you into anything but advises you well

eKomi users on 12.04.2020 at 21:05

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