Teeth straightening for adults

Teeth straightening - easy and painless!

 Frau setzt unsichtbare Zahnschiene von DR SMILE zur Zahnkorrektur ein

Beautiful teeth have become increasingly important in both private and professional life in modern times. Straight teeth often have great impact on self-confidence and mental well-being. With a teeth straightening treatment, crooked teeth can be straightened quickly and inconspicuously and any gaps can be closed. Whether you are 30, 40 or 50 years old, there is no age limit!

Straightening teeth without fixed braces and surgery

Crooked or misaligned teeth occur in a wide variety of forms and complexities. Fortunately, many of those affected can have their teeth straightened without surgery. Clear aligners are just as effective as fixed braces. 

DrSmile's partner orthodontists and partner dentists can, for example, treat a crossbite, crowding, gap, head bite, overbite and open bite professionally and only with aligners. Crooked teeth, such as incisors, can also be successfully straightened with aligners. 

The duration of the aligner treatment depends on your individual initial situation. However, teeth straightening within 4 to 9 months is definitely possible.

Tip: Take our suitability test and find out whether teeth straightening with clear aligners is suitable for you! 

Beautiful teeth without braces

Clear aligners are the number one choice if you want a discreet way to straighten your teeth. Many people in the professional sector choose clear aligners, because fixed braces for adults are impossible to hide. Everyone can fulfil their desire for straight teeth thanks to the clear aligners, regardless of their situation in life.

Aesthetic teeth straightening with clear aligners

Once you have completed the suitability test, you can search for a DrSmile partner practice near you on our homepage. You can easily book the free consultation at the selected partner practice online.

DrSmile offers mainly cosmetic teeth straightening, but misaligned teeth can also be corrected with aligners. DrSmile experts will explain and show you in a simulation what your confident smile will look like after the treatment.

Unsichtbare Zahnschiene zur Zahnkorrektur wird in einer Hand hoch gehalten

Cost of the aligners

The costs for teeth straightening at DrSmile depend on the complexity of the initial situation. There are three price levels:

Minor misalignments: from £116 per month or a one-off payment of £1,390

Moderate misalignments: from £149 per month or a one-off payment of £1.790.

Complex misalignments: from £174 per month or a one-off payment of £2,090

The costs of teeth straightening are fixed as stated your treatment plan, which is drawn up after the free consultation. You can then decide whether you would like to undergo the treatment or not. DrSmile believes in full transparency, all costs for the treatment are communicated openly, and there are no hidden costs.


"I now smile more confidently and have the confidence to show my smile openly."


"The treatment has made me much more self-confident because I now feel beautiful."


"It was definitely worth it. My teeth are straighter, much easier to clean and, most importantly, nothing hurts anymore."

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