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With a high-tech 3D scan, your teeth are examined from all angles and then gently shift into the desired position with aligners made from the innovative ClearQuartz material.
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3-layer flexible inner material - Aligner

The 3-layer consists of a hardened outer and flexible inner material

The sturdy outer layer supports rapid treatment progress and absorbs pressure on the aligners, while the flexible inner layer distributes pressure continuously on the enclosed teeth and supports movement. 

Your clear aligner - Advantages

Your clear aligner - Advantages

√ great flexibility

√ completely transparent

√ excellent adaptability

√ good break resistance

√ strong resilience

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EN without aligner
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Innovation you can see

If you look closely, you can see the layers of the ClearQuartz® material. You can only see the many rings in the material if you hold the aligners in your hand – once they are placed on the teeth, the rings and the aligner are invisible.

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Pixel perfection: 3D scans revolutionise teeth straightening treatment

With the help of 3D scans, experts can precisely examine your oral cavity. This is the basis for your treatment plan and aligners.

  • 3000 photos of your teeth within minutes

  • Precise measurement results in better fitting accuracy of the aligners

  • completely painless

X-ray – Teeth Straightening

X-ray vision: We pay attention to every detail

If there is evidence of underlying inflammation, we will take an X-ray. Modern X-ray technology has numerous advantages.

  • acute and past inflammations are visible

  • Insights on bone level, position of the tooth root and axis of the tooth

  • Precise movement can be planned

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