Wearing duration of our DrSmile aligner

To ensure the perfect result for your teeth, you should follow the recommended wearing time for your aligners and wear your aligners as often as possible. This means that the aligners should be worn during the day and also at night. Instructions on how to wear them correctly, as well as a treatment recommendation, can be found in your individual treatment plan.

Clear aligner from DrSmile

How long and how often should you wear your aligners every day?

In order to achieve your perfect smile, it is important that you wear your aligners for up to 22 hours a day. Remove the aligners for eating and drinking only. You should also consider cleaning your aligners regularly, which will maintain your oral hygiene. To check the progress of your teeth during treatment, upload photos of your teeth to the DrSmile App on a weekly basis. This allows you to keep track of any changes.

Wearing duration: day and night

The clear aligners should been worn 22 hours a day - during the day and at night - and change them every 14 days. Your teeth are gradually shifted into the intended position. DrSmile aligners are not bite splints or aligners that work against teeth grinding at night.

General wearing duration of the aligners 

For a perfect smile at the completion of treatment, it is advisable to wear the aligners for about 22 hours per day. The aim should be to only take the aligners out to brush your teeth, to eat and to drink. Under special circumstances, a shorter wearing time can be discussed on an individual basis, provided that this makes sense from a medical point of view.

How often should you change your clear aligners? 

You should wear the individual aligners for a fortnight. The wearing time can vary in individual cases, it depends on how the treatment works for you and what progress you are making. All steps can be discussed individually with our experts. You will receive the necessary number of aligners that are appropriate for your misalignment, which you will then change yourself after consultation with DrSmile experts. Your treatment will be monitored by experts and via the App.

How long does it take for the aligners to be made? 

Based on the 3D simulation, the required number of pairs of aligners is manufactured and sent to you within a few weeks. 

How many aligners do you receive? 

Before you begin the aligner treatment, a detailed examination of your misalignment will take place. The examination consists of taking X-rays, photos and dental impressions. DrSmile partner dentists use 3D technology that allows digital and precise planning. This allows us to manufacture individual aligners for you and to provide you with the basis for a perfect and effective fit of the aligners. With the help of these aligners, your misaligned teeth will be gently corrected. The number of aligners depends on the respective misalignment and the associated treatment duration. 

DrSmile Aligner Box

The course of treatment 

After you have found out in the suitability test whether our aligner treatment is suitable for you, you book a consultation at a DrSmile partner practice. Your DrSmile treatment expert will assist you and will be available to answer all your questions about the treatment.

At your consultation in one of the DrSmile partner practices, you will be advised and examined by qualified experts. With the help of a modern 3D scan, your teeth will be precisely measured and your wishes for your perfect smile will be discussed. The consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

To give you a visual impression of how your teeth will look after treatment, we will create a before-and-after simulation of your teeth. You will receive this about 2 weeks after your consultation, together with your individual treatment plan. This also contains all the information about the duration of the treatment and the price. Only after you have agreed to the plan, will the treatment begin.

In addition to your personal DrSmile support, our app helps you document your progress and answer any questions you may have 24/7. It reminds you to change your aligners and send regular pictures of your teeth to our DrSmile experts. Visits to a DrSmile partner practice are only necessary if you have any problems.

How long does the DrSmile aligner treatment take altogether?

Minor misalignments are usually corrected in about six months, but in certain cases and in the case of severe misalignments, the treatment may take longer. In general, the duration of treatment is similar to that of conventional orthodontic treatment, but it is often completed sooner. Can't wait to see your progress?  Whether it's changing your aligners or uploading new photos - you can easily keep track of your progress. We also provide our satisfaction guarantee at our own expense, so you get your desired results.

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