Lumineers: beautiful teeth in no time

This page is for information only. DrSmile does not (yet) offer this treatment.

The path to beautiful, straight teeth can often be very long and take months or even years. Thanks to Lumineers, however, it is possible to make this wish a reality in no time. Here, you will find out what Lumineers are and what advantages and disadvantages they offer compared to other methods of tooth correction.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are so-called non-prep veneers. The name is a registered trademark of the American company Denmat, which uses its own patented material. Non-prep veneers are small, extremely thin veneers that are attached to the front of the tooth. They thus serve as a kind of panelling for the tooth and hide small gaps, cracks or defects. They are made of wafer-thin ceramic and, unlike conventional veneers, are glued to the tooth by the dentist without filing away the substance of the tooth. 


The costs consist of the veneer costs and the dentist's fee and can therefore vary depending on the doctor's experience and the complexity of the dental misalignment. Lumineers usually cost between €700 and 1000 per tooth. If several teeth are treated, the price per tooth is usually a little lower. 

Unfortunately, statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of Lumineers, which is why supplementary dental insurance can be worthwhile. In this case, however, you should check in advance how much you will be taking on, so as to not end up being stuck with the costs after all.

In order to lower the price, it also makes sense to get offers from different doctors, since the fees represent the area with the greatest potential for savings.


  • uncomplicated and quick solution 

  • no filing of the substance of the tooth and therefore particularly gentle 

  • painless, and so no anaesthesia is required

  • can be removed from the tooth without leaving any residue, and the teeth returned to their previous state

  • last a long time (up to 20 years)

  • also suitable for teeth with just a thin layer of enamel

  • can also be used with existing ceramic crowns and to repair these cheaply

Disadvantages to consider

  • quite expensive compared to tooth splints or braces 

  • not suitable for all misalignments, such as teeth that are too crooked or too large

  • particularly strong discolouration can show through the thin ceramic

  • not suitable for those who grind their teeth


The before and after pictures of a Lumineer treatment usually speak for themselves. Especially when several teeth are being restored, the difference compared to before is enormous, and patients are beaming from ear to ear. Due to the elimination of the need for filing, patients don't experience any pain when eating cold dishes and get used to the change very quickly. Ultimately, how the experience with Lumineers turns out depends on the doctor providing treatment.

The DrSmile aligners – About us

We offer you a suitable alternative to fixed or loose braces. Our clear aligners are ideal for adults because they can be worn easily and inconspicuously in both professional and private life. It takes only a few months to correct teeth, depending on the initial situation.

There are no hidden costs with DrSmile. This means that the costs for the aligner are clearly communicated and fixed right from the start. The cost of the aligner depends on the complexity of the tooth correction. We distinguish between slight, moderate and complex tooth misalignments. Come and be impressed by your perfect smile.

Straight teeth with DrSmile

DrSmile currently exclusively offers clear aligners for dental correction. Cutting edge aligners are an orthopedic treatment that moves teeth to the desired position within only 4-9 months. This means that crowing can be resolved, gaps can be closed and misaligned teeth can be corrected.

After a free consultation in a DrSmile partner practice, our experts create a customized computer-generated treatment plan showing exactly how your teeth should be moved.

Once you approve your personal treatment plan, the aligners are created specifically for you and sent to your homes. The entire treatment is controlled by app by the DrSmile partner dentist. DrSmile is a fast and safe route to a self-confident smile.

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