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Grillz: Pimp your Teeth

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Grillz - Pimp your Teeth | DrSmile

Did you know that grills were in fashion with our forefathers? The Mayans, for example, put precious stones in pre-drilled holes in their teeth. And the Phoenicians were the first to gold-plate their entire set of teeth 2500 years ago. Today, big names artists like Rihanna, Travis Scott, Katy Perry Ufo361 wear them regularly. Due to the tremendous success of international as well as national hip-hop artists, the tooth jewellery is also more in demand than ever in the UK.

Which grillz are particularly popular?

With grillz, you not only decorate your teeth, but also create a unique look for your personality. The tooth jewellery is available in a variety of designs and variations. From colourful to bling-bling or plain pieces - everything is possible. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can have grillz made to your personal taste. You can also get them at a low price: there are numerous affordable suppliers of gold or silver tooth jewellery on the internet.

Gold grillz

Grillz made of real gold are an all-time favourite. To ensure the perfect fit of the gold grillz, jewellery manufacturers take an impression of your teeth in advance. In general, gold from 8 to 24 carats can be used to manufacture them, with 18k gold being the most suitable. Gold grillz with 18k have a beautiful, warm shine and gemstones can also be incorporated. 24k gold is extremely soft, so it is rarely used for jewellery production. 8k is the cheapest option, but the material is harder and more resistant. If you don't have enough money for real gold teeth, you can find numerous vendors on the internet that use other materials.

Silver grillz

Grillz made of real silver are an absolute hit alongside the gold. Grillz made of 925 silver are much cheaper than the gold variant. If you want to have customised tooth jewellery, you can have silver grillz made to order by special jewellery manufacturers. Regardless of whether you only want one silver tooth or to adorn your silver grillz with diamonds, your wishes can be fulfilled.

Grillz with diamonds: Iced out

Grillz with real diamonds (Diamond grillz) are the absolute luxury version of tooth jewellery. They are also called Iced-Out-Grillz because of their look, and there can be as many as 100 diamonds on a single tooth. The base material is usually gold - yellow gold, rose gold or white gold - although other materials are also used. 

Price: how much do grillz cost?

The costs of grillz range from a few pounds to six-figure sums. If you want to have your grillz custom-made, the price for gold grillz averages £1,000-5,000, the cost for silver grillz is around £500 and for iced-out grillz between £10,000-20,000 - the list goes on The cost of individual tooth, for example a gold tooth or a tooth with diamonds, is much cheaper. 

Standard grills made from inexpensive material, on the other hand, can be bought for as little as £20.

Where can I buy grillz?

There are many shops on the internet where you can order cheap grillz. However, if you are inclined to have grillz made for you or to have a gold tooth made, there are several jewellery manufacturers who specialise in grillz. You can find them all over the UK. There are also a number of specialist shops on the internet that make customised grills. To do this, you have to take an impression of your teeth at home, which then serves as the basis for the production. It doesn't matter whether you live in, your customised grillz will be delivered to your home.

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