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DrSmile already has over 50,000 satisfied customers. Our expert partner doctors are not the only ones responsible for this. Our customers are also smiling because of the amazing results. The best thing about it: wearing the invisible dental aligner every day and without anyone noticing!

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The transparent aligners of DrSmile are perfectly suitable for adults. They can be worn without any problems and inconspicuously in both professional and private life. Depending on the severity of the malposition, the correction of the teeth takes only a few months.

Negative experiences are very rare - we always try to support you during the treatment. Therefore, our experts will accompany you with the help of DrSmile App. In order to align your experience with the transparent aligners with your needs, you can also make an on-site appointment at any time. Whether at DrSmile London, DrSmile Berlin, DrSmile Paris or DrSmile Milan, you can find a practice near you.

Aligner: Those are our customers experiences

DrSmile transparent aligners offer a successful alternative to metal braces. Previous aligner experiences have proven that teeth malpositions can be corrected within a few months. Through the use of the most modern 3D scanner, the aligner is carefully adjusted to your specific needs.

  • short treatment duration

  • cost savings of up to 60%.

  • no wires

  • DrSmile App and medical care

  • DrSmile Satisfaction Guarantee

What are the actual costs of the aligner treatment?

There are no hidden costs with DrSmile. This means that the costs of the aligners are clearly communicated and are fixed from the very beginning. The cost of the aligners depends on the complexity of the teeth malposition. A distinction is made between easy, medium and complex teeth misalignments. Invisible aligners for minor malpositions are available from £116 per month.

Clear aligner costs also include weekly check-ups by our experts by uploading photos taken from the teeth on the DrSmile App and non-binding check-up appointments. Furthermore, you only pay when you have decided on a treatment plan. The costs of the aligners are displayed transparently from the very beginning. An info appointment, 3D scan and the preparation of the treatment plan are entirely free of charge.

Is the treatment painful?

Are braces and pain closely related? A mindset that we are going to change! The custom-made, invisible aligners are changed every 2 weeks and differ only slightly from the last one. When inserting the new aligners, pressure may be felt a moment. This pressure disappears after a few minutes. The pain does not compare to fixed braces.

Teeth straightening for adults with invisible aligners?

Do you think you are too old to have your teeth straightened? Fixed braces for adults are no option for you? DrSmile has specialised to help this target group and makes invisible teeth straightening possible. The transparent braces for adults are barely visible, if at all. Experience has shown that the transparent aligners can also be worn at work without any problems.

Experience with the DrSmile App

At DrSmile, we try to make your treatment with invisible aligners as pleasant and simple as possible. All you have to do is go to one of our DrSmile clinics for a personal examination at the beginning and the end of your treatment. 

During the treatment, you can come with us personally for a check-up at any point. This is not compulsory, however, because we take care of you virtually at all times through our DrSmile app. To follow your exact development, we ask that you upload photos of your teeth to the DrSmile app every week. This only takes a few minutes. Once your teeth photos are in the app, our experts check your progress, review the pictures and will contact you if there are any abnormalities.

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