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ClearQuartz® material for best results

Our innovative ClearQuartz® material is formed in a resilient double-shell construction, whose elastomer core optimally and evenly distributes pressure from the aligner onto your teeth.

Aligner Material ClearQuartz

Flexible and resilient aligners - our recipe for success

To move your teeth quickly and reliably into the right position, our aligners have a flexible core which adjusts to your teeth, dynamically supporting each movement.

At the same time, the absorbent properties of the unbreakable outer shell ensure that our aligners divert excess energy and thus minimize the risk of breakage and tearing. Our aligners are also free from softeners (BPA) and other materials that are harmful to health.

Benefit from our ClearQuartz® material

Exceptional flexibility

makes the aligners extremely comfortable as they adjust perfectly to your teeth

Extreme resilience

makes your aligners less susceptible to cracks or fractures

Excellent stain resistance

keeps your aligners clear and free from discoloration at all times

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Innovation you can see

If you look closely, you can see the layers of the ClearQuartz® material. You can only see the many rings in the material if you hold the aligners in your hand – once they are placed on the teeth, the rings and the aligner are invisible.

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