Gum correction for the perfect smile

This page is for information only. DR SMILE does not (yet) offer this treatment.

A beautiful smile is mainly created by beautiful, straight, white teeth. However, the health of the gums and the ratio of white (teeth) to red (gums) also play a decisive role when it comes to a perfectly aesthetic smile.

What is gum correction?

Gum correction is a surgical procedure on the gums, which are also known as the gingiva. Malformations such as exposed tooth necks, or excess or uneven gums can be corrected. If the gums are receding due to poor oral hygiene, these kind of treatments are medically necessary, because exposed tooth necks can lead to pain and restrictions when eating. If there is too much gum, the aesthetics of the teeth are often impaired.

Gummy smile

A common cause for cosmetic gum correction is the so-called gummy smile. Here, the ratio of the teeth to the gums is disturbed. Accordingly, when a person laughs, significantly more gums are shown, which makes some patients feel very uncomfortable. The excess gums make the teeth look smaller, thus making the person's appearance more childlike. 

In order to achieve the perfect result, veneers can also be used after removing the excess gums, so as to visually enlarge the teeth. This creates a harmonious ratio of red to white.

Laser removal

Gummy Smile Zahnfleischlächeln Zahnfleischkorrektur mit Laser

Depending on the type of intervention, there are different methods of treatment. For cosmetic corrections, such as straightening the natural course of the gums or a gummy smile, excess tissue is removed very gently and painlessly with the help of a laser. This is a minimally invasive procedure which has an enormous effect on the smile and, ultimately, on the patient's self-confidence.


Gum correction is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia, which is why no pain is experienced during the treatment. The procedure is one of the safest there is in cosmetic surgery, so the risk of complications is very low. After treatment, you may experience slight swelling and pain, but this only lasts for a few days. In rare cases, disturbed wound healing or infections can occur, but these can be prevented by proper hygiene.


The cost of gum correction depends on various factors, such as the type and extent, as well as the doctor providing the treatment and their location. We can, therefore only provide trends in prices. Treating receding gums, so, a tissue transplant in the case of exposed tooth necks, starts at £300 – while removing excess gums and straightening the course of the gums starts at £350.

One usually has to be bear the costs oneself, as the intervention does not represent a health insurance benefit. 

Great before-and-after effect

The result of this simple, minimally invasive procedure is enormous. It changes the appearance of the teeth and makes the patient's smile perfect. In the event that the teeth take an uneven course, even minor corrections to just one tooth have a major effect and ensure a harmonious tooth shape.

Straight teeth with DrSmile

DrSmile currently exclusively offers clear aligners for dental correction. Cutting edge aligners are an orthopedic treatment that moves teeth to the desired position within only 4-9 months. This means that crowing can be resolved, gaps can be closed and misaligned teeth can be corrected.

After a free consultation in a DrSmile partner practice, our experts create a customized computer-generated treatment plan showing exactly how your teeth should be moved.

Once you approve your personal treatment plan, the aligners are created specifically for you and sent to your homes. The entire treatment is controlled by app by the DrSmile partner dentist. DrSmile is a fast and safe route to a self-confident smile.

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