Professional teeth whitening at home

Tired of having yellowed teeth? Fortunately, the path to white teeth is easier than you think. There are several methods for whitening teeth, which we will briefly present to you:

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Photo teeth whitening at home

Professional tooth whitening for at home

Tired of your yellow teeth? Fortunately, the path to perfect, white teeth is easier than you think. There are several methods for tooth whitening, which we will briefly introduce to you here:

Methods for getting white teeth

Let's ask the most important question first: How do you get white teeth? There are several options for getting whiter teeth:

  • Professional tooth whitening at the dentist: most of the time, this means UV whitening. But dentists also often offer a whitening tray for at home, into which you fill whitening gel.

  • Professional home whitening: tooth whitening using highly effective medical products can also be carried out from the comfort of your home. With DrSmile Home Whitening, you will have significantly whiter teeth after just one application.

  • Whitening products from the pharmacy and online: these are less concentrated than medical products, but usually cheaper. Since these are not tested medical products, your teeth may be put at risk.

  • Home remedies: from baking soda to activated charcoal, there are numerous tips online for getting white teeth. Careful though: many home remedies also attack the tooth enamel! More about that later on.

Home remedies or whitening?

Tooth whitening has never been easier than it is today. On top of dentists, all major drugstore chains also offer bleaching products for whitening teeth oneself. What's more, the internet is also full of home remedy tricks that are supposed to make your teeth whiter. You should be particularly careful here, though, because quite a few "secret tips" attack the teeth and endanger one's dental health in the long term. It is therefore safest to whiten teeth in consultation with your dentist. In addition to UV whitening, professional home whitening sets are also available. This means that teeth can also be monitored and gently bleached at home.


White teeth from the dentist

Whitening teeth at the dentist is the most effective and fastest way to achieve a brilliant white smile. DrSmile also offers home whitening, which is sold to our patients under dental supervision. You can also get white teeth in combination with braces, because the whitening gel is compatible with the aligners and does not attack the material. In order to whiten teeth, DrSmile only uses medical products that ensure a professional white in a gentle manner.

Cost of cosmetic tooth whitening

Professional tooth whitening at the dentist normally costs between 300 and 700 pounds. If you are a DrSmile customer, you can order the DrSmile Home Whitening Set from our partner doctors.

Home remedies for naturally white teeth

Countless home remedies for white teeth circulate in online forums, but they often neglect dental health. A well-known example is that of lemon, which not only whitens the teeth due to its fruit acid, but also attacks the tooth enamel. 

For daily discolouration – such as caused by coffee, tea and cigarettes – there are special toothpastes that polish the surface of the tooth smooth again. However, due to the high concentration of abrasive particles, the tooth enamel can be attacked. Therefore, only use such toothpastes once or twice a week. White teeth can be achieved without bleaching. However, you should know that toothpaste for white teeth is only effective to a certain degree. 

Baking soda: sodium bicarbonate for a bright smile?

Baking soda and coconut oil are also tried and tried and tested home remedies for making teeth whiter. The treatment with baking soda for white teeth goes as follows: dilute some baking soda or baking soda and lemon juice in water and apply to your teeth. Some people also sometimes recommend using aluminium foil. We advise you to keep your hands off things like that! 

The baking soda grinds away the surface of the tooth, which wears away the substance of the tooth. In the event of prolonged use, you can even get fine cracks in the tooth enamel, in which new staining particles can be deposited. Baking soda is therefore not suitable for teeth and can even be dangerous!

Oil pulling for white teeth

Oil pulling is a popular home remedy for getting naturally white teeth. It is usually sunflower oil, olive oil or coconut oil that is used. The oil is repeatedly swished between the teeth and chewed like this for a few minutes. Oil as a home remedy is said to have an antibacterial effect, but no tooth-whitening effect has been proven for it. Pastes made from coconut oil and baking soda are not advisable, for the reasons mentioned above. Otherwise, oil pulling can be used without any side effects.

Tips for white teeth

  • Good oral hygiene is essential for your dental health and for natural whiteness

  • Toothpaste for white teeth can help against daily discolouration – however, due to the high concentration of abrasive particles, only use it once or twice a week

  • A professional teeth cleaning will make your teeth shine and appear whiter again

  • In order to whiten teeth in a lasting, gentle manner, we recommend you opt for a professional whitening

  • The teeth whitening effect brought about by oil pulling (with coconut oil, for example) has not been proven, but it does no harm

Home whitening: How often?

What is there to consider when it comes to cosmetic tooth whitening? To achieve your desired tooth colour, you can repeat the bleaching process several times. However, your teeth may become more sensitive for a brief period. Therefore, clarify with your doctor as to just how often you can use the whitening gel.

How long does the whitening effect last?

First of all, this depends on the method used. Was a professional tooth whitening performed, or did you use a product from the pharmacy? Stripes usually only lighten the teeth superficially, and therefore darken again more quickly. With a professional whitening tray with medical whitening gel or UV whitening, you can count on having beautiful teeth for up to four years. 

To keep your teeth white, please reduce your consumption of coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes.

How damaging is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is usually not a problem for healthy teeth. However, put yourself in professional hands to guarantee your dental health. Tooth whitening can be absolutely harmful if the wrong products are used, or if it is deployed incorrectly! Highly concentrated tooth whitening sets that are not declared to be medical products can have lasting negative effects. 

DrSmile only uses long-proven, controlled and approved medical products for its tooth whitening. Its special formula prevents damage to the teeth and even seems to harden the substance of the teeth.

Where can you buy professional tooth whitening sets?

You can buy professional home whitening sets either from dentists in a practice or online.

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