Brilliant white teeth thanks to home whitening

Think whitening teeth is expensive, harmful to the teeth and only possible at the dentist? Think again! Yellow teeth are not a given. With the DR SMILE Medical Home Whitening, nothing stands in the way of your radiant white smile!

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Tooth whitening in the practice vs. whitening at home

For a long time, tooth whitening at the dentist was the only way to get professionally white teeth. By now, however, there are also home whitening options, which are much cheaper in many cases. Careful though: not every home whitening set does what it promises. Pay particular attention to reputable providers when shopping on the Internet, so as not to endanger your dental health.

To whiten your teeth at home, you fill whitening gel into a tooth whitening tray and usually wear this for several hours or overnight. Medical providers will give you precise instructions on how to do this.

Tooth whitening agent with hydrogen peroxide

It is crucial to use professional and safe bleaching products to whiten teeth. The DR SMILE whitening gel contains carbamide peroxide, which easily permeates the surface of the tooth. There, dark colour pigments are split up, and the teeth immediately appear significantly lighter. If you want to buy a whitening gel, pay special attention to the concentration of the bleaching agent. Because this is crucial for the result you get from the tooth whitening. The duration of use also plays a major role. If you have badly discoloured teeth, several treatments will be necessary.

DR SMILE Medical Home Whitening is highly concentrated, with 10% carbamide peroxide, and is considered a medical product. This means that it is reserved for sale by dentists.

How damaging is tooth whitening?

Several studies have now addressed the topic of whether tooth whitening is dangerous or not. It has basically been confirmed that whitening is not harmful to the teeth. But if UV light is also used, there are studies that prove the opposite. UV whitening is said to be harmful, as the teeth are more sensitive afterwards, and the UV light can cause irritation to both skin and eyes. Whether or not a whitening treatment at the dentist is harmful to tooth enamel depends on the type of tooth whitening used.

Nevertheless, tooth whitening does carry risks, which you should ask your doctor about. For example, you can experience hypersensitivity in the teeth and gums during and after treatment. Pregnancy, diabetes or being on medication can also represent contraindications.

How much does tooth whitening cost?

Depending on which type of whitening you want to have, and whether you do it in a dental practice or at home, the costs for tooth whitening can vary greatly. Costs for tooth whitening at the dentist can amount to around £ 700 – especially when UV light is involved. The costs for home whitening are significantly lower, though many suppliers only sell low-concentration whitening gel. Whitening is therefore often offered cheaply.

DR SMILE offers an effective and high-dose whitening gel that is classified as a medical product. It can therefore only be sold to our customers. If you are interested, our partner experts will be happy to provide you with information about this. They will also show you how you can combine whitening and aligners.

Bleaching: DrSmile Home Whitening

Medical Home Whitening by DR SMILE

With Medical Home Whitening by DR SMILE, you get a professional tooth whitening treatment from the dentist for use at home. On the one hand, our medical-grade whitening gel is safe and gentle, but, on the other hand, it is very effective. For whitening at home: fill bleach into your aligner or the whitening tray that comes included, so that the lateral walls are covered. You should wear the tray overnight, and, after using it for the first time, you will see that your teeth have become significantly whiter. You should speak to our partner experts to clarify how many treatments you will need and whether home whitening is suitable for you. You can either contact us online or visit a DR SMILE partner practice near you.

Straight teeth with aligners

How often do you have to whiten teeth before getting the first visible results?

The home whitening set includes 3 whitening gel syringes and dual trays. The tray is worn overnight, and you will notice visibly whiter teeth after the first use already. How often you have to repeat the process depends on how discoloured your teeth are and your desired result. Note that whitening can make your teeth more sensitive for a short while. You can therefore also take breaks and continue when the degree of sensitivity has subsided.

Whitening experiences

People's experiences of tooth whitening at DR SMILE are consistently positive. In order to avoid any negative experiences with whitening, we advise you to clarify all questions with our partner experts in advance. Whitening teeth at home while at the same time undergoing treatment with aligners has already convinced many customers. This way, you not only get beautiful, straight teeth, but also white teeth. Look forward to your new, bright, white smile!

Is tooth whitening painful?

White teeth by means of bleaching are a quick way to get your most beautiful smile. In some cases, however, home whitening not only makes teeth whiter, but can also make teeth more sensitive. It is rare for pain to occur during bleaching, but teeth can be more sensitive to heat and/or cold. This effect usually disappears after a short time.

If you feel pain during tooth whitening, stop the treatment immediately! 

Talk to our experts and let them know that you have experienced pain while whitening your teeth. They will then inform you about how to proceed.

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