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From now on, DR SMILE is also responsible for all PlusDent customers. Do you have questions about what this means for you as a PlusDent customer? Here you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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  • Of course, you can still get a refinement. Just like your initial treatment, a 3D scan of your teeth is needed to determine a potential treatment setup. Please register your interest by filling out this typeform.

  • At DR SMILE we call the treatments IPR and Engager (instead of Attachments). However, the treatments are exactly the same. To schedule your appointment, please contact our partner practice directly. It must be the same location where you had your initial scan with us. To have your PlusDent attachments removed, please complete THIS typeform, indicating you need attachment removal.

  • DR SMILE is now also responsible for PlusDent customers. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our Help Centre. If you still have questions, you can contact us directly using this contact form.

  • DR SMILE is now also responsible for PlusDent customers. A little pressure pain is quite normal, especially when inserting new aligners. If your pain persists for several days, please use our contact form.

  • The PlusDent app will be discontinued on 21.12.2022. This means that online check-ups can no longer take place via the app and no reminders for aligner changes will be sent.

    As we are not allowed to transfer data from PlusDent customers to the DR SMILE app for data protection reasons, we are currently setting up a process for online check-ups by email.

    By the beginning of February at the latest, all PlusDent customers will be able to send their current treatment status to DR SMILE dentists and receive feedback on the progress of their treatment.

  • Ja! Sobald Du einen ASR-Termin (bei DR SMILE heißt es IPR) buchst, wird das Praxispersonal über die geplante Behandlung informiert. Bitte bring zu Deinem Termin unbedingt Deine aktuellen und Deine folgenden Aligner-Steps mit. Nur, wenn Du Deine Aligner in der Praxis dabei hast, kann geschaut werden, ob alles optimal sitzt. Buchen kannst Du Deinen Termin direkt über den DR SMILE Support. Bitte schreib uns hierfür über das Kontaktformular mit dem Betreff "PlusDental IPR-Termin", sowie Deinen gewünschten Daten und der DR SMILE Partner-Praxis.

  • All PlusDent subscriptions have been automatically cancelled by PlusDent. If you have not heard from PlusDent, please contact us via the contact form with the subject "PlusDent Abo".

  • All customers with a whitening claim have been contacted by email and informed about the refund.

    If you have not heard from PlusDent, please write to us via the contact form with the subject "Bleaching kit".

  • No. All PlusDent wire retainer orders have been cancelled and refunded. Customers have been informed by email. If you have not received an e-mail from PlusDent, please write to us via the contact form with the subject "PlusDent Drahtretainer".

  • Yes, DR SMILE provides a guarantee for all PlusDent wire retainers. If you have a warranty claim, please write to us via the contact form with the subject "PlusDent warranty".

  • Yes, payment will continue as usual. If you have any further questions about the payment, please contact your billing service provider directly.

  • PlusDent partners do not have contractual agreements with DR SMILE. Some DR SMILE services are provided to PlusDent patients. To register your interest please email us on: [email protected]

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