Straight teeth by grinding

This page is for information only. DrSmile does not (yet) offer this treatment.

There are many different reasons to grind your teeth, but the procedure is always the same. First of all, it is important that you contact a dentist or orthodontist if you have such a problem and that you do not grind your teeth yourself under any circumstances - even if it is only a small tooth correction. The danger is that you will remove too much of the hard surface and damage the enamel.

High-speed grinding devices are used during the procedure. While the tooth is being ground, it is cooled to protect the nerve from the heat. The ground tooth is very sensitive because the enamel and the crown are exposed.

After the treatment, there may be sensitivity to pressure and temperature, but this should subside after a few days.

Cosmetic correction - making teeth look straight and even

It is not uncommon to have one's teeth ground for aesthetic reasons. It is important that the dentist is very careful and precise and does not grind off too much hard surface as not to damage the enamel.

Often one incisor is minimally ground down so that both incisors look symmetrical. But canines can also be ground rounder for aesthetic reasons. However, care must be taken when straightening teeth, because the surface that has already been ground off will not grow back and can damage the enamel in such a way that the teeth are more vulnerable to decay, crumble and become more sensitive to temperature.

The cost of such treatment depends on the complexity and severity of the tooth to be treated, and is not usually covered by health insurance as it is a cosmetic procedure.

Grinding chipped teeth

If a small piece of tooth is chipped, the dentist can grind the tooth smooth and fluoridate it. This not only has an aesthetic benefit, but also prevents the tongue from hurting itself on the sharp edge or wearing down neighbouring or opposing teeth.

Crowding - grinding teeth to create space

In crowding, the jaw does not provide enough space for all the teeth, so the teeth either do not grow out of the gums completely or are twisted because of the lack of space. As a result, the chewing surfaces of the teeth wear down, cleaning becomes more difficult, problems with pronunciation can occur and many suffer from the appearance.

If the crowding is mild, it can sometimes be enough to grind down the sides of the teeth to prevent them from turning.


 Can teeth grinding be treated by grinding down the teeth?

There are many causes for teeth grinding and grinding against each other. It is often a subconscious way to relieve stress during the day or while sleeping. Over time, tooth enamel is worn away and the teeth appears deformed. There are many forms of treatment. If the cause of the grinding is a crown or filling that is too big, the dentist can simply grind it down.


Grinding and crowning teeth

Crowns are a good way to protect and replace weakened, damaged or missing teeth. These can be teeth that are badly affected by decay or are simply cracked. The affected tooth is ground down so that it forms a good base for the dental crown. The colour and shape of the crown is matched to the existing teeth so that it looks natural. The cost of a dental crown is between £200 and £1,000. The NHS pays a fixed subsidy that covers parts of the costs.


Teeth grinding - a prerequisite for a bridge

A bridge is also used for missing or cracked teeth to improve aesthetics as well as speech and chewing function. In this case, at least two neighbouring teeth must be prepared and ground down so that the dental bridge can be attached. Again, the colour of the bridge is chosen to look as natural as possible.


A dream smile with Veneers

Veneers are thin ceramic shells that can be permanently attached to one or more teeth. They are able to close gaps or give the tooth a new shape and colour. In order to be able to attach the veneers and make the whole thing look natural, the tooth surface must first be ground down.


Straight teeth with DrSmile

DrSmile currently exclusively offers clear aligners for dental correction. Cutting edge aligners are an orthopedic treatment that moves teeth to the desired position within only 4-9 months. This means that crowing can be resolved, gaps can be closed and misaligned teeth can be corrected.

After a free consultation in a DrSmile partner practice, our experts create a customized computer-generated treatment plan showing exactly how your teeth should be moved.

Once you approve your personal treatment plan, the aligners are created specifically for you and sent to your homes. The entire treatment is controlled by app by the DrSmile partner dentist. DrSmile is a fast and safe route to a self-confident smile.

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