Teeth misalignment: Deep bite

Causes, consequences and treatment
Misaligned Teeth: Deep bite

A deep bite is one of the most common misalignments and can lead to serious problems and impairments. The deep bite is caused by a shift of the upper row of teeth in relation to the lower row. This may require dental correction, for example, with aligners or braces. To correct the misalignment and prevent damage to the jaw, gums or teeth themselves, a clear aligner is fitted to your teeth. This acts as protection as well as a measure to correct the deep bite. At DrSmile, we are committed to treating jaw and teeth misalignments, such as the deep bite, with affordable aligner treatment. Our clear aligners are almost invisible compared to conventional fixed braces and can be removed easily.

Causes of deep bite

Teeth misalignment: deep bite

The deep bite, like the overbite, is usually of genetic nature and becomes visible at a young age. The treatment of this type of misalignment is therefore recommended for children, as the teeth and jaws can be rearranged more easily at this age. Deep bite is usually accompanied by an overbite, which means that treatment not only makes sense from a medical point of view, but also for aesthetic reasons.

Consequences of deep bite

A deep bite can have serious consequences. Due to the misalignment of the teeth and the jaw, the gums and teeth touch each other. Therefore, gum inflammation is often a symptom. Other consequences of a deep bite are pain in the jaw muscles and, in rare cases, chewing and breathing problems. In severe cases, the consequences may include caries and periodontal disease, as the teeth come into contact with each other when they bite down. This can damage the tooth enamel. The aesthetic aspect also plays a major role for many of those affected, because a deep bite often causes "buck teeth" and the so-called receding chin.

Deep bite treatment: clear aligners or fixed braces?

At DrSmile we offer aligner treatment supervised by experts in dentistry, dental technology and orthodontics. After a free consultation, an individual treatment plan is created with the help of our clear aligners, also called "Invisible Aligners", and everything will be delivered directly to your home. In cases of severe misalignment, surgery may be necessary. You can find out whether you are suitable for treatment at DrSmile with the suitability test.

The advantages of DrSmile aligners

The main advantage of aligners over conventional fixed braces is that they are more aesthetically pleasing and suitable for everyday use. Since our aligners are transparent, you can wear them without attracting attention at work or in everyday life. The aligners are easy to remove and do not cause any discomfort when you eat. In addition, your dental hygiene does not suffer from the aligners because, unlike fixed braces, there is no interference from brackets or wires.

Cost of teeth straightening with DrSmile aligners

We have suitable options for you for all possible procedures. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right decision. You can always pay in instalments or pay an one-off payment to get everything done quickly.

Treatment for children

As children's head and jaws are still growing, the growth of the upper jaw is restricted or the growth of the lower jaw is stimulated in order to treat deep bite. If the milk teeth are still present, loose braces are used.

Teeth straightening duration and procedure with DrSmile aligners

The duration of a deep bite treatment always depends on the severity of the condition, which makes it difficult to make an exact prognosis about the duration of the treatment. However, at DrSmile, the treatment always follows a procedure developed by our experts. After a thorough examination in one of our DrSmile practices, an individual 3D model of your jaw will be created. Based on this model, our experts then create all the necessary aligners for the treatment. These aligners are sent to your home and the treatment can begin. Each of these pairs of aligners (for upper and lower jaw) should be worn for 22 hours every day. The aligner is changed every 14 days. Your teeth will gradually shift into the intended position.

Other types of misalignment

At DrSmile, we provide treatment for all types of misaligned teeth or jaws, so that you can have your dream smile, guaranteed.

Whether it's a crossbite, crowding or an open bite - together with our experts we will create the perfect treatment plan and bring your teeth into the right position. Find out more about our treatment options and make an appointment with one of our DrSmile experts.

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