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Declaration of consent

to the processing and disclosure of data

The consenting party agrees to participate in an initial dental consultation with representatives of DrSmile (Urban Technology GmbH, Brunnenstraße 128, 13355 Berlin, hereinafter „DrSmile“) and/or DZK (DZK Deutsche Zahnklinik GmbH, Königsallee 92a, 40212 Düsseldorf, hereinafter „DZK“) and to have a 3D scan made of his/her dental situation so that an individualised treatment plan can be drawn up for the potential later purchase of DrSmile aligners. He/she agrees that in this context personal data and health data about him/her will be stored and processed by DrSmile and DZK and passed on in whole or in parts to cooperating third parties.

Subject of consent

  • General personal data, e.g..: Name, address, contact details, gender

  • Health data, e.g.: Information on illnesses, dental condition, 3D scan of the dentition, previous illnesses, medical history results

  • Data collected in connection with surveys

  • Photographic documentation

  • Contract-relevant data, e.g. classification as an S, M or L package customer.

Purpose of consent

DrSmile and DZK require general personal data of the consenting party in order to contact him/her in case of need and to be able to fulfil the contract for the production and delivery of the aligners.For this purpose, DrSmile and DZK collect a 3D scan of the dentition of the consenting party. DrSmile and DZK also store the results of the anamnesis interview and other health-related data, some of which is mentioned above, in accordance with Art. 9 DSGVO. Where necessary for the purpose of data storage, medical clarification and planning (by DZK, but also by cooperating dentists in private practice), the preparation of the treatment plan and the production of the aligners (by cooperating dental laboratories), DrSmile and/or DZK pass on collected data in whole or in parts to the aforementioned third parties (some of which belong to the same group of companies to which DrSmile and DZK also belong). 

When selecting partners, DrSmile and DZK undertake to ensure that a level of data protection comparable to that in the EU is maintained and, in particular, that data can only be disclosed if the partner is legally obliged to do so. DrSmile and DZK also work to ensure that their contractual partners use the so-called EU standard contractual clauses approved by the EU Commission, which are then deemed to be sufficient guarantees within the meaning of Art. 46 of the Data Protection Regulation. The collection, storage and transfer of data is thus intended to enable the smooth processing of the planning and delivery of dental trays as well as optimal advice for the person giving consent. 


The consenting person declares his/her consent to the processing, storage and forwarding of personal data relating to him/her, including health data. He/she also consents to the preparation, storage and forwarding of photographic documentation in the form of 3D scans of his/her teeth. The person giving his/her consent also agrees that all the above-mentioned data may be passed on to third parties by DrSmile and DZK. This also includes dentists in private practice with whom DrSmile and DZK cooperate for the purpose of initiating and executing the contract. The consent also includes the transfer of data to other cooperating third parties for the purpose of fulfilling the purpose of the contract, such as dental laboratories for the preparation of the treatment plan and for the production of the aligners as well as for securing the delivery. The use of the data for purposes other than those mentioned is not permitted unless there is a lawful change of purpose within the meaning of Art. 6 IV DSGVO.The consenting party agrees that DrSmile and / or DZK may contact him/her by post, e-mail or fax for the purpose of further contract implementation and information, by (also partially unencrypted and thus theoretically less secure) e-mail, social networks, messenger services or by telephone for the purpose of further contract performance and information, and that telephone calls may also be recorded for the purpose of quality assurance, provided that the person giving consent provides the necessary contact information. 

The person giving consent is entitled at any time to request information from DrSmile and DZK about the data stored about him/her and to request that it be corrected, deleted or blocked.

This consent can be revoked at any time and without giving reasons by informal declaration to DrSmile or DZK with effect for the future.

Data processed prior to the revocation of consent shall remain unaffected by the revocation and shall not be automatically deleted; however, the general rules on existing deletion claims on the basis of the GDPR shall apply. In case of queries regarding this declaration of consent or other data protection-related concerns, the consenting party may contact the data protection officer of DrSmile and DZK, (e-mail: datenschutzbe-auftragter@drsmile.de), at any time.

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