DrSmile: Make and cancel appointments

Whether for an initial appointment, an IPR appointment, or your final appointment: you can easily make an appointment with DrSmile on our website. For this purpose, you can use our booking interface, which is intuitive and easy to use.

DrSmile App

DrSmile: Making an appointment

When you get to the booking screen on our website, the first step is to select your DrSmile partner practice. If it is your first appointment, then you can choose a partner dental practice.

There are now many DrSmile partner locations, so you can find us in your hometown or close by. For the first info appointment, you select the date and time in the following step. In addition, there is a map displayed on this interface, so that you can verify the partner's location again. Then fill in your name, phone number, and e-mail address. Done!

If you are already a customer, please indicate this directly after selecting the DrSmile partner practice. This way you can access other appointment types such as IPR appointment, monitoring appointment or appointment for a retainer. Then you can select the date and time and complete the booking.

How much does an appointment with DrSmile cost?

Unlike the often high cost of a doctor's visit, DrSmile appointments are included in the total price of aligner therapy. This applies, for example, to non-binding monitoring appointments, as well as the non-binding final appointment and binding IPR appointment. The info appointment at the beginning of the treatment, during which an intraoral 3D scan of your teeth is made, is also free of charge.

DrSmile: Cancelling an appointment

Sometimes you can't make the agreed appointments, because something important comes up. Please remember to cancel your appointment with DrSmile early. To do so, click on the cancellation link you received in the confirmation e-mail of your booking.

If you would like to reschedule a DrSmile appointment, it is best to cancel your appointment and make a new one via our website. To cancel, click on the link you received in your confirmation e-mail.

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