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Safe and reliable to for your straight teeth

At DrSmile, your dental health comes first. We do not compromise when it comes to the safety of the treatment, and we pay meticulous attention to all details.

Doctor supervised

At DrSmile, patient safety comes first. To ensure the highest medical standards, we work exclusively with licensed dentists and orthodontists. 

We clearly distinguish ourselves from "do-it-yourself" providers. Our treatment always commences with a comprehensive examination at dental practices. This is where we decide on suitability and rule out potential complications.

DrSmile says no to online-only providers

More and more providers are sending impression kits to your home. We at DrSmile find this method seriously negligent. With us, the first appointment is always at a DrSmile partner practice. Here, trained dentists work with state-of-the-art technology, and ensure that your teeth are suitable for treatment and that your dental aligners fit perfectly.

Dentists for safe treatments

Our trained experts come from the fields of dentistry, orthodontics, and dental technology. This means that DrSmile not only can perform cosmetic treatments, but also correct misaligned teeth.

Our promise: straight teeth

We only treat customers who, after a thorough examination, we can promise a successful treatment. We know the limitations of our aligners well. We refer patients who are not suitable for aligner treatment to competent orthodontists.

Gold standard experts

Our expert dental team is the heart of DrSmile. With our DrSmile academy, we guarantee that all our specialist staff are always up to date with the latest knowledge. Regular advanced training ensures dental know-how and trains all our partner dentists and dental assistants to the globally recognised gold standard.

Health at the heart

Preliminary clinical check-up and x-ray options

At your personal information consultation, your teeth will be precisely measured with a 3D scanner and your dental health will be checked. If there are indications or suspicions of inflammation, we will take an x-ray.  

24/7 medical support

Medical support during the aligner treatment is essential. Our team of experts provides our customers with flexible and time-saving support via our mobile app. In case of complaints, an appointment can be made at a DrSmile practice at any time.

Long-term commitment to treatment success

DrSmile treatment does not end with your confident smile, but with the retention of that smile. A retainer or a permanent retainer ensures that your teeth remain in their optimal position. DrSmile offers both retainer options to ensure your new smile stays forever.

We don't shy away from any comparison

DrSmile offers numerous advantages over conventional tooth straightening treatments.*


  • Costs

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Orthodontic support

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  • Patented and Made in Germany + USA

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  • Awards

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  • Free retainer

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  • Specialised orthodontic practices

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  • 365-day support

  • X-ray images

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  • Molar correction

  • 3-layer aligner system

  • +15 patents on treatment/aligners

  • 10k+ treatments/year

  • Other companies

  • Conventional Orthodontics

The best of both worlds: digital and doctor-guided path to success

DrSmile combines modern digital technologies and personal care by our partner dentists to create a new concept of teeth correction. As a one stop provider, our partner practices will accompany you at every step of your journey, from the initial consultation to the permanent retention of your new smile. 

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